Senior Java Developer

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Since 1999, AtData has been building and growing the most comprehensive, email centric, global data technology trusted by thousands of businesses and organizations. Offering secure APIs, privacy compliant practices, and white-glove client treatment, we encourage you to learn more about why AtData is an integral component to your first party data collection technology stack.

About you

You're a top-notch Java developer that loves hacking at every level of the stack. It's hard to say what tomorrow will bring, but you'll be happy to hack away at it! Java and multi-threaded programming are your strength, but you'll explore and pick the best language and technology for the task at hand. You can build a back-end system to process huge amounts of data on Monday and tweak automated deployment scripts on Friday. You might not be familiar with every tool we use, but you're a fast learner—you can go from zero to expert in no time flat.

Some engineers thirst for neatly packaged engineering problems, but not you—you thrive on uncertainty and chaos and love identifying problems almost as much as you love solving them. You want to dive in head first from day one, owning new projects and helping drive forward existing ones.


  • Expert in Java and multi-threaded programming.
  • Intensely driven, proactive and hardworking.
  • Smart, friendly and willing both to share knowledge and learn.
  • Modern programming best practices and design patterns guide your work.
  • Comfortable in multiple languages, frameworks, and environments.
  • Eager to learn new technologies and skills; loves to dig in and become a subject area expert.
  • Errs on execution over strategy; willing to dive in and learn by doing.
  • A Computer Science degree from a top university, or a solid CS foundation achieved via other means.


  • 2-5 years experience (preferably at a startup or other fast-paced environment).
  • Experience writing map-reduce programs or using other Big Data technologies such as pig and hive.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Bonus points for Python experience.


  • Competitive salary
  • Benefits package including 401k and flexible spending accounts
  • 3 weeks paid time off
  • Get the computer and monitors of your choice
  • Friendly and respectful office environment

Note: Along with a resume and cover letter, applicants should include links to their blog address, Twitter account and other relevant social media examples. Please send your application to

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