Collect Real Emails and Connect with your Customers with AtData Email Validation

By catching and correcting bounces, complainers and toxic emails, Email Validation avoids lost leads by prompting customers to enter accurate information and enables you to reach more customers with greater inbox delivery.

Since 1999, AtData has been serving up global email validation to the industry's smartest marketers and developers. Featuring ISO-27001 certified systems with the highest throughput, fastest response time and lowest unknown rate on the market, AtData Email Validation protects the integrity of your website, subscriber list and email delivery.

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SMTP and proprietary mailbox verification

Improve single view

Syntax and typo correction

recapture initiatives

Over 30 disposition codes for precise handling

How to Access AtData Email Validation

Correct typos, avoid blocklists and improve email deliverability by removing bouncing email addresses, disposable domains, and toxic-but-deliverable spamtraps and honeypots.


Managed Batch Project Based

Clean your email list using the expert knowledge of the most experienced and dedicated team in the industry.

Managed Service is perfect for:

  • Projects that require the insight of a dedicated project manager and expert data engineers
  • One-time runs and projects with special requirements
batch emails

Automated Batch

Fast & easy cleaning for frequent projects. Clean your email lists 24/7 via SFTP, API or our website. Perform routine cleanups in minutes.

Automated Batch is perfect for:

  • Cleaning new collected emails
  • Preparing lists for campaigns
  • Routine existing data cleanup


Block problematic addresses at the point-of-entry and correct registration errors in milliseconds. 

Real-Time is perfect for:

  • CRM and POS systems
  • Client-side integrations
  • Web-based forms
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