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One Billion Unique Records

Identity Matching builds a complete picture of your customers across channels
with TowerData’s proprietary technology and data assets, including more than 1
billion unique customer records.
Email Append

Match deliverable emails with your postal list.

Postal Append

Add postal addresses to your email list.

Website Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous web users.

Mobile Device Matching

Match mobile device IDs with email addresses.

Under the Hood

TowerData provides the industry’s most trusted data set for U.S. consumer identity matching; We help businesses obtain a unified customer view with maximized reach. The industry's most reliable database for consumer identity matching is powered by:

Name, Postal
Email Records
Device ID to
Email Pairs
Active Cookies
to Email Pairs
Email Address
Events Annually

Identify the most active and deliverable postal address and email address for an individual.

Over 250 million adults in the United States with multiple emails tied to various postal addresses results in over 1 billion combinations of emails and postal addresses. By NCOA'ing our postal addresses and validating our emails, we can identify current email and postal matches to filter out any invalid records.


Increase opportunities for onboarding data to expand reach and drive omni-channel insights, communication, and engagement.

Once we have normalized and organized the data, we build identity products to help clients break into new channels. With these increased opportunities, our clients can expand their reach into social networks and automated direct mail.


Work with us to ensure accurate matching and exceptional data quality.

All postal records are run through our DPV pass to ensure that the highest quality of data makes it into our database. TowerData’s Email Validation service is applied to all email addresses in order to identify valid mailboxes and remove toxic data including disposable emails, spam traps, and undesirable records.


Customize your preferred match results and TowerData will recommend the best approach for your business.

Our massive historical database is complex and provides options for most current or multiple matched data fields. Customize your data with results that best fit your needs.


Acquire permission-based data compiled by our trusted partner network.

Our partners receive a name, postal and email address as part of their registration process. Data submitted through web forms, surveys, subscription databases, sweepstakes, etc. are recorded with a time-stamp, IP address, and the orginal source. We also maintain a cookie pool tied to our active data.


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