AtData Announces New Fraud Prevention API Release at MRC, 2023!

February 15, 2023
By April Paige

Dedham, MA (February 15, 2023) – AtData, The Email Address Experts®, today announced the launch of a new, expanded API for their Fraud Prevention Service.  Powered by proprietary email activity data, these services enable companies to more effectively combat the growing amount of fraud in the digital space and preserve revenue.

The AtData Fraud Prevention Service utilizes email address signals to determine malicious activity in real-time.  This Fraud API includes: platform tumbling, domain analysis, behavioral insights, email validation, IP verification, and consortium check that combined create an AI Risk Score.  The AI Risk Score can be tailored to any company’s exacting needs.

The new API release includes:

  • Name and Address Correlations – Determines that the full name and postal address fields match information previously seen for a given email.
  • Email and Address Anomalies - Determines if there are abnormally high amounts of postal addresses associated with a given email and vice-versa.

AtData will be exhibiting these updated services at MRC 2023 in Las Vegas. Our Head of Fraud & Data Strategy, Diarmuid Thoma, will be on site to field questions.  He has worked diligently with our data science team to develop these new features.

"This release continues the AtData vision to provide comprehensive email intelligence to our customers.  We are proud to further enable them to identify malicious activity and act on it to prevent fraud, ultimately protecting their revenue, their reputation, and their customers.", says Diarmuid Thoma, AtData’s VP of Fraud & Data Strategy.

Connect with AtData at MRC 2023:

  • Booth #521 - Meet with us in the main exhibit hall to better understand how AtData powers real-time fraud prevention utilizing one of the most impactful signals for determining fraud - the email address.
  • Head of Fraud & Data Strategy - Diarmuid Thoma, who has over 20 years of innovating modern fraud prevention for leading companies, will be on site for discussions.
  • Demo Theatre Stage - 2:10pm PST on Tuesday 3/7, AtData will be presenting our Fraud Prevention service and its new API release.

1,000’s of companies, worldwide, power their fraud prevention with AtData’s massive historical database of email addresses, including the billions of real-time signals we receive every month. We've been compiling email-centric identity data for over 20 years, and we have the most comprehensive and accurate email data available to enhance your fraud discovery models that assist in stopping: chargebacks, account takeovers, fake account creations, and transactional fraud.  Even if a company has no fraud staff, this service can be implemented.  In addition, the data points that AtData provides also assists companies with insights that help them to Know Their Customer and market to them accordingly.

About AtData
AtData is the leader in Email Address Intelligence with the most accurate, comprehensive and privacy compliant email-centric data solutions. Powered by 1.5 billion historical email and postal addresses and billions of monthly activity signals, we not only validate and verify our retail and ecommerce customers’ first-party data, but we also enable those organizations to develop actionable customer profiles and assess risk resulting in an increase in customer engagement, sales, and customer retention.

About Diarmuid Thoma
For 20+ years, Diarmuid has specialized in developing fraud prevention strategies for the world’s largest companies: Facebook, Symantec, Hewlett Packard and TransUnion. In 2013, he was a founding member of Trustev, a new global fraud prevention platform that grew exponentially and was acquired by TransUnion.

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