Experts from AtData and RPE Origin Sit Down to Talk First-Party Data Strategy!

January 31, 2023
By AtData

Every new year brings a variety of challenges and opportunities for digital marketers, and 2023 is no exception. Not only are marketing leaders being challenged with higher advertising costs and fast-changing consumer demands, but they also must contend with the deprecation of third-party cookies, an increased emphasis on data privacy laws, and restricted access to mobile advertising IDs. This is leaving many organizations shining a light on their first-party data and their data collection strategies.

Join AtData’s Chief Business Officer, Phil Davis, and RPE Origin’s Managing Partner, Ryan Phelan, on Thursday, February 23rd at 1pm EST, as they discuss what marketing professionals should be focusing on in 2023 and the importance of developing a data-driven campaign strategy. Davis and Phelan will provide expert insight into the industry's hottest topics including:

  • How do I start with my own first-party data?
  • How can I fill in some of the critical data gaps within my CRM?
  • How often should I audit my first-party data?
  • How can I make my first-party data actionable?

Phil Davis
Chief Business Officer


Ryan Phelan
Managing Partner

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About the Speakers

Phil Davis - AtData
Phil is a data industry veteran, previously holding high-ranking positions at a number of well-known players, including CEO of Rapleaf, President of ConsumerBase and SVP/HD of the online division of Equifax. At AtData, Phil is the Chief Business Officer and helps clients maximize their 1st party data while identifying better, more efficient ways to engage their prospects and customers.

Ryan Phelan - RPE Origin
Ryan is currently the Managing Partner of RPE Origin and over two decades of global marketing leadership, he has spearheaded innovative strategies for high-growth SaaS and Fortune 250 companies. His experience, knowledge and unique perspective have also given him an international reputation as a keynote speaker and thought leader.