Unlock Intelligence About the Person Behind the Email Address

In our digital world, the email address is the most constant component of a person’s digital identity, and the key to accurately target, reach, and speak directly to them. AtData’s email-centric database enables you to make optimal use of digital channels to build more meaningful customer experiences.


Improve Reach and Deliverability with Validated Email Addresses

Take your validation to the next level. Our comprehensive process utilizes email activity data beyond a simple email ping. Our sophisticated correction engine will fix typos, syntax, and formatting errors. We also block toxic, yet deliverable, email addresses to lower risk. All featuring our SafeToSend guarantee.


Develop Actionable Customer Profiles to Engage and Personalize

Further enhance first-party data to enable omnichannel personalization. Append relevant touchpoints to reach consumers across channels. Add robust insights to segment and personalize to improve engagement. Reconnect with lost or unresponsive customers with their updated, preferred email address.


Prevent Fraud with the Largest, Global Email Address Network

Backed by the world’s most comprehensive email address database and billions of real-time monthly signals, we have the most accurate data available to enhance fraud discovery models. When malicious users are hiding behind an email address, our activity history on 98% of emails will stop them in their tracks.

Identify and Retarget Your Active Audience

Re-engage with consumers based on real-time activity signals from across our proprietary email network. Identify unknown users to your website and who is engaging to reach consumers you couldn’t otherwise with customized content for returning prospects and customers. Expand the depth of your efforts with real activity data.

Trusted by the World's Leading Brands

For over 20 years we have been trusted by thousands of businesses – including 25% of the Fortune 100 – to provide secure, fast, and accurate
email-centric data solutions
. There’s a reason we’re The Email Address Experts.

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Easy Implementation and Access Where You Need It

ISO27001-certified. GDPR and privacy compliant.
Setup via API in minutes, get started now through InstantData, use one of our many integrations, access through our valued partners:

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