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Learn how your customers behave in the inbox.

TowerData’s suite of Email Activity data shows you how your customers behave in the inbox, helping you identify fraud or win back customers.
We see more than 1 billion email activities per month.

Email Activity Metrics

Identify fraud and mitigate risk by scoring emails based on key activity.

Open Data

Re-engage customers and boost open rates.

Quickly Remove Toxic Emails to Boost Opens

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Under the Hood

Identify high value emails, fuel anti-fraud algorithms and isolate active emails for re-engagement campaign with TowerData’s Email Activity Metrics and Open Data.


Source over one billion email events from 175 million unique emails per month from our publisher network and API traffic.

This data illuminates how people behave in the inbox and how email addresses are used on the web. This is the basis for the models we build as part of our email activity fields.


Assess and score the activity of every email in comparison with all other emails tracked via TowerData’s algorithms.

Velocity Score
Tracks the relative activity of an email address.

Popularity Score
Measures the number of different sources from which an email was sent.

Longevity Score
Represents the relative age of the email.

Date First Seen 
Denotes the date that TowerData first encountered the email address.

Month Last Opened
Illustrates the month that TowerData last detected an open by the email address.


Easily access Email Activity Metric Data with TowerData’s Real-Time API, automated FTP, or Instant Data

For larger clients, we can store your active email database and notify you in real-time when we see any of your customer email addresses open a message across our network, enabling you to trigger a message when the customer is in their inbox.


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