Collect accurate first party data and maximize deliverability with
Email Verification & Hygiene.


Fix bouncing emails, spamtrap hits and damaged sender reputations.

Undeliverable and harmful addresses can lead to ISP blocking and 3rd party blocklisting. Even something as innocent as a typo on a registration form can mean a lost opportunity to connect with a valuable customer. Use our SafeToSend® email verification service to clean your email list and eliminate these threats.

AtData’s Email Verification leads the industry in accuracy, security, speed and ease of use. Continuously improved for over 20 years and with more than 50 billion email addresses processed, there’s no better choice for your email data quality needs.


Two Options to Choose From:


Enterprise-grade verification & hygiene that protects your list and email revenues

Email Validation

Built on the best tech, spare the bells and whistles

Choose the AtData email verification solution for your needs!

  • SafeToSend®
    Email Validation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Syntax Check
  • Domain Check
  • Mailbox Verification
  • Corrections
  • Integrations
  • Risky Email Flag
  • SpamTrap Detection
  • Advanced SpamTrap Detection
  • Custom Filtering
  • Enhanced B2B Verification
  • Human Quality Control
  • 100% Guarantee

Product Tour

  • Getting Started is Easy
    We make it simple to clean your data through our self-service portal, InstantData. Create a free account and either select your email list from your local device, upload it via FTP or import it from your email marketing platform. We are integrated with Iterable, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot and more to come.
  • Visualize Your Data
    Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your data quality. Quickly review the status breakdown of your email addresses, the types of domains on your list, how many typos we detected and corrected and the quantity of role accounts you should watch out for.
  • Detailed Response Codes
    Our 35+ response codes provide in-depth insights into your data quality and highlight ways you can improve your data collection practices. InstantData, our self-service platform, provides both summary reports and appends our analysis to each email on your list.
  • Real-Time API
    With our API, you can avoid lost leads and improve data quality by validating email addresses in real-time as they are entered on your web forms or collected in your stores. You can submit files via our API as well and track your usage and results directly via the InstantData dashboard.

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