How often should I use Email Intelligence?

You may choose to use Email Intelligence more or less often depending on your needs and goals.

Every organization’s goals differ, and there are a few different scenarios for how often our clients choose to run Email Intelligence.

  • In real-time via API or in batch: clients will use this for immediate record enhancement on newly generated leads.
  • Occasional data enhancement: for legacy clients wishing to launch a targeted campaign, the best option is to run Email Intelligence before launching the targeted campaign. This helps them gain the best segmentation and personalization insights to generate better campaign engagement. For example, if a client wishes to target customers who are in-market for new shoes, they would then upload their entire list for Email Intelligence and only purchase data for that particular field.
  • Annual updates: For general information, such as age, income, marital status, etc, we recommend running Email Intelligence annually.

 fields are updated daily (ACI, EAM) others monthly.

For more information, contact us or your dedicated AtData account executive.