Fraud Prevention
Fueled by Email Data


The Leader in Fraud Prevention with activity history on 98% of emails

40% of fraudsters use a newly created email.

10% of Fraud is attempted using addresses that are fake or invalid.

Companies worldwide power their fraud prevention with AtData’s massive historical database of email addresses and the billions of real-time signals we receive every month. We've been compiling email-centric identity data for over 20 years, and we have the most comprehensive and accurate email data available to enhance your fraud discovery models.

Reduce fraud, increase acceptance rates
and decrease manual review costs.

Advance Your Fraud Insights with our Proprietary Data


AI Risk Score

Use of meta data from our platform to determine a numeric risk value driven by our ML models.

Domain Analysis

Real-time profiling of email domain risk along with activity across the platform.


First Activity Date

The date any email becomes active is a key indicator used in evaluating risk.


Stop risky or dead addresses with enterprise-grade accuracy and security.

Tumbling Check

Catch fraudsters using sequentially named email addresses or multiple variations of the same email.

Fraud Consortium

Identifies and tracks fraudulent email status and history across our platform.
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Power fraud prevention with
accurate, secure email data