Protect your data with 24/7 monitoring

Up to 6% of good email addresses turn toxic each year, it only takes one to sink your entire email program. We can help you stay vigilant by constantly scanning your list and alerting you when deliverability threats arise.

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Email addresses “flip” from good to bad when:

remove toxic emails

They get recycled as a spamtrap

Improve single view

A recipient registers on the “Do Not Email” list


A recipient becomes a frequent complainer

social media reach

A mail exchange domain is retired

AtData’s List Guard provides “always on” protection to keep your list clean.

Even a SafeToSend® list won’t stay that way forever.
Stay worry-free with constant updates from the email address experts.


List Guard™ Features


Hands-Free, Continuous Monitoring

Protect your SafeToSend® investment without lifting a finger. Valid email addresses from your SafeToSend® projects are automatically placed into your List Guard™  account.

Set it and Forget It!

Focus on other priorities while AtData safeguards your list. You receive alerts when we detect problematic email addresses in your file.

Expert Email Forensics

We’re like CSI for email addresses! AtData has a team of data experts whose sole job is to fingerprint and flag spamtraps and other toxic addresses. Benefit immediately from the new intelligence we uncover!


Unlimited Protections

Automatically monitor your list, even years after you initially collect and cleanse email addresses.

List Guard Pricing

Starting at $250 for up to 250,000 records hosted.
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