Identify more than 20% of unknown users on your website

Website Visitor Identification uses AtData’s cookie pool to securely match unknown users with an email hash, deliverable email or postal address.

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Know your anonymous users

Reach new people you couldn't otherwise identify and customize content for returning customers.
Improve single view

Build intelligence

Catch and correct invalid syntax, spelling errors and typos

Align marketing channels

Launch individual omni-channel campaigns on mediums including postal promotions, email retargeting and display ads.
recapture initiatives

Go deeper with AtData's services

Pair Website Visitor Identification with Email Intelligence to get the demographics and purchase intent of your visitors.

Acquire More Customers With Email Retargeting

Send personalized emails to anonymous website visitors
and convert them into customers



Email Address

Reach customers in their inbox

Postal Address

Connect with customers at their mailbox

Email Intelligence

Engage customers with personalized, impactful content

Email Retargeting

Send personalized emails to anonymous website visitors

Website Visitor Identification Pricing

Batch starts at a $5000 minimum investment.
Annual contracts available with a $500 monthly minimum.

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